Please read the following before bringing your Certificate of Origin forms to the Chamber.

All forms, accompanying documentation, and payment must be presented at the time of processing, or we will not be able to sign off on the Certificate of Origin.

The Chamber of Commerce Serving Old Bridge, Sayreville, South Amboy only signs off on forms for goods originating within the United States. We do not sign off on Certificates of Origin for goods originating outside the United States.  Certificates of Origin will be upon appointment only.


You can obtain a Certificate of Origin form online (try the resources listed at the end of this document) or
generate your own form on your computer based on existing online forms. If you generate the Certificate of Origin form on your computer, you should modify your document to include the following language:

The Chamber of Commerce Serving Old Bridge, Sayreville, South Amboy, a recognized Chamber of Commerce under the laws of the State of New Jersey, certifies, based solely on the representations of the party named above and not on the basis of any independent verification, that to the best of its knowledge and belief, the products named in this certificate originated in the United States of America. The Chamber of Commerce Serving Old Bridge, Sayreville, South Amboy has not verified and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any representation made by the party named above beyond obtaining the sworn statements in the above affidavit. This certification does not certify origin for purposes of the laws of the United States of America and makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning the goods, affidavit, or any documents relating thereto, and assumes no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any statements contained in said affidavit of any of the documents mentioned therein.

If you are using a standard form, it will be stamped with the above language when you visit our office.


After you’ve completed the Certificate of Origin form, it must be notarized before you bring it to our offices.
The Chamber will keep an original, notarized Certificate of Origin form in our confidential files, so, if you
need two forms for yourself, you must bring in three original, notarized forms: two for yourself and one for our records.


You must bring in a bill of lading, or other shipping document such as an airbill/waybill, plus a commercial
invoice if possible. We need to see the original and you must provide us with a duplicate or photocopy for our records. Depending on which country you are sending your goods to they may request multiple copies of your certificate, so if you wish to attach supporting documentation to your copies of the Certificate of Origin forms, these must be made before you come into our office. We cannot make photocopies for you. All Certificate of Origin forms (not supporting documentation) must have individual, original notarizations.


Chamber members - $15 per certificate.  (First fee waived for new members)
Non-members - $100 per certificate
We encourage you to join the Chamber as members pay a substantially reduced rate. If your company will be processing multiple Certificates of Origin per year, joining the Chamber could save you money in addition to making our other membership benefits available to all employees of your company.
Payment is due at the time of service and can be made by check or cash.  Checks should be made
payable to the: ‘Chamber of Commerce Serving Old Bridge, Sayreville, South Amboy.


Please contact us PRIOR to visiting the Chamber if you have any questions or are unsure about any of these instructions. For further information call Susan at the Chamber Office: (732) 607 6340 or email


1. Certificate of Origin forms: Bring at least 2 fully-completed, notarized originals (one for the
Chamber and one for you). If you need more certificates then please ensure you bring in enough.

2. Bill of Lading or Air Waybill: Bring the original and a copy for our records. The details from this should match the certificate of origin otherwise we cannot process the certificates.

3. Commercial Invoice: Bring the original and a copy for our records.

4. Payment: Certificates of Origin will not be processed without payment via check or cash
at the time of service - $15 for members, $100 for non-members. (Fee waived for first certificate to new members)


To determine the specific needs of the country to which you are exporting, and for further information on  Certificates of Origin, please visit

Online Certificate of Origin forms (please note that there is a special NAFTA COO and a few other countries may also have specific requirements):